Words to live by…

“Its about working together to build hope, care about each other and treat people the way we want to be treated, its about inspiring people of all ages to live there dreams, respect those that contribute to our safety and risk their own life’s to protect us, its about being grateful for the life you live and doing things that make a difference in the world”.

~ Debbie Arambula, The Heart Artist

Living the Dream…

Ever since I was little girl, I dreamed about a World without wars, a World where the color of a man’s skin doesn’t define him, but rather, celebrates his culture, and where common decency, compassion and brotherly love are the talk of the day. Yes, I am a dreamer.

I am sure that in some deep, hidden corner of my soul, this is why I am obsessed with painting the iconic International symbol for love and life.

It’s not that I think everything in life is sweetness and butterflies, but rather, a deep purpose to spread the message of love, living your dream and doing good for all of mankind.

From the very first piece of art I created in kindergarten, happiness and hearts have always been an integral part of my art.

The epiphany for my ‘Spread the Love Campaign’ began about 35 years ago after reading a little booklet called “The Way to Happiness – A Common Sense Guide to Better Living”. I remember reading chapter 21, “Try to Treat Others As You Would Want Them To Treat You” and thinking, “Holy Moly, if we could all just try to apply this one precept every day we could change the World!”

30 years later, while I was sitting in my beautiful gallery, sadness was ignited by a barrage of horrific incidents: the Sandy Hook shooting & the kidnapping of Sierra LaMar from my hometown in Morgan Hill, California… It’s like my life’s experiences came to a crescendo, from the death of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. to 9-11. It was like the “Life’s Calling Fairy” visited me that afternoon. The message was clear: My art makes people happy. I can make people happy with my art. I knew it was time to close my beautiful gallery, take my brushes on the open road and make a loud cry standing up for love.

I started by painting massive, colorful designs on my white cargo van. I figured, happy art makes happy hearts and why not impact every eyeball on every freeway I would drive on.

I then created simple, participatory art projects that I would do randomly on the sidewalk in front of my gallery, then Boy Scout & Girl Scout troops, schools in many cities, and then officially launched the ‘Spread the Love Campaign’ at the Marbles Children’s Museum and at the ‘World of Art Showcase’ in Raleigh, North Carolina.

We are excited to have such a talented exhibitor make a stand for something so important. Art is extremely important, and the ability to express emotions through art is a talent. We feel that Debbie does an exceptional job expressing her feelings through her work and her tour is a great way for her to share her passion with the public.Samantha Velkoff, Director of the ‘World of Art Showcase'

As time marched, on the ‘Spread the Love Campaign’ ebbs and flows to the needs of the times, thus creating a series of participatory art projects that span the USA. Inviting strangers to participate in the cities I visit while on tour, infusing brotherly love and inspiring people to dream, one person at a time.

Creating positive change in every corner of society is my dream. Thus I call my Nationwide Art Tour “Living the Dream”.


Debbie Arambula known affectionately as ‘The Heart Artist’ and her beloved business partners, husband & photographer Steve, and adult daughter & painter Katie, closed their successful gallery in 2013 to take on the World.

Award Winning Contemporary Master Painter & Founder of ‘Spread the Love Campaign’, Debbie Marie Arambula has been making a full time living painting & selling her colorful artwork, Worldwide, for over 21 years since 1996. Passionate to say the least, Debbie has been interviewed by NBC and ABC affiliates in major East & West Coast cities for her exuberant art and humanitarian projects, to an estimated audience of over 33 million people. Interviews include: KRON TV in San Francisco, Entertainment Magazine, Good Day Sacramento, Good Morning Scottsdale, FOX 5 in Las Vegas, Newstalk 550, and Arizona Radio. Debbie has also been featured in Romantic Homes Magazine – National, San Francisco Chronicle, LA Times, San Jose Mercury News, Campbell Times, Las Vegas Review, Boulder City Register, Homes by the Sea, Décor Magazine and dozens of others.

Throughout each tour, Arambula distributes hundreds of special-edition, commemorative The Way to Happiness booklets. “I love this small yet powerful booklet. It inspires one to make good choices in life and restores honesty, competence and human dignity” says Arambula. To find more information about the booklet, visit: TheWaytoHappinessFoundation.org.

‘Hope Springs’ by Debbie Arambula

Prints Available >> Contact Debbie to Purchase Original >>

‘Living The Dream’ by Debbie Arambula

Prints Available >>

‘What the World Needs Now’ by Debbie Arambula

Prints Available >> Contact Debbie to Purchase Original >>

‘United We Stand’ by Debbie Arambula

Prints Available >>


Debbie has been commissioned by 1000’s of people across the world for the past 20 years, Debbie is best known for her signature style Heart Portraits, wherein she captures the essence of the soul of couples, families & individuals, celebrating their life, passions and dreams thru the eyes of ‘The Heart Artist’ on canvas! These original one of kind paintings are unlike any other artist of her time.

Humanitarian Artist to the core she lives by her mission “Spreading Love through art” Featured artist in National Community Public Art Projects such as murals for Campbell and Morgan Hill, California and a public art sculpture for “Hearts in San Francisco Foundation’ as well as other prestigious projects for Hospice of the Valley, Family’s for a Better Community, American Heart Association, Artists’ for Human Rights, Boulder City Hospital, SF General Hospital, The Way to Happiness Foundation, Fight for Kids, Komen LA, City Hall of San Jose.

Founder of the Spread the LOVE Campaign; Debbie & her husband and business partner have traveled across the USA to bring her community art program inspiring more kindness & compassion through arts for kids for the past 4 years.

Internationally collected & award winning painter of love, Debbie Marie Arambula has been interviewed extensively in the press and media nationwide to an estimated 30 million people. She has been seen on NBC and ABC affiliates in major West Coast cities, KRON TV, Entertainment Magazine, Good Day Sacramento, Good Morning Scottsdale, Fox 5 in Las Vegas, ABC, NBC, Newstalk 550 Arizona Radio. Debbie has also been featured in Romantic Homes Magazine-National, SF Chronicle, LA Times, San Jose Mercury News, Homes by the Sea, Décor Magazine and dozens of others.


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